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Cape Cod Trivia Quiz

1)  What president dedicated the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown?

2)  How many miles in length is the Cape Cod Canal from bay to bay?

3)  What is the date of the first landing of the Pilgrims?

4)  What is the only Cape town that retains its Indian name?

5)  How many square miles of land area are there on Cape Cod?  Would you say...410, 550, 720 or 900 square miles? 

6)  What famous landmark is known as the cradle of American commerce?

7)  What is the figure that appears on the town seal of Barnstable?

8)  What president had a summer home in Buzzards Bay?

9)  Who were the "Sannops" of the Indians?

10)  Who succeeded Massasoit as Chief of the Wampanoags?

11)  What was the major crop of the early Cape Cod Indians?

12)  In what town is there a monument to the last native Indians?

13)  For whom was the town of Dennis named?

14)  In what year was the Town of Sandwich incorporated?

15)  At what town did a German submarine fire a shot during World War 1?


1)  William Howard Taft on August 5, 1910

2)  Eight miles long

3)  November 11, 1620

4)  Mashpee

5)  410 miles...262,944 acres of land

6)  The Aptucxet Trading post in Bourne established in 1627.

7)  The "Mayflower".  The numerals 1620 appear in the sails).

8)  Grover Cleveland.  From 1891 to 1904 at Gray Gables, Bourne.

9)  The lower rank, usually prisoners and offspring taken into the tribe for adoption.

10)  Massasoit died in 1662.  He was succeeded by his eldest son Wamsutta, English name Alexander.  He was followed a short year later by his second son Metacomet, English name Ohilip.  (King Philip).

11)  Corn

12)  Yarmouth (South) - Pawkawnawkut Village.

13)  For its first pastor...The Reverend Josiah Dennis.

14)  In 1639.

15)  A German submarine which fired the only shot of World War 1 onto American soil landed off Orleans near Nauset Beach.